The original drawing was created by first sketching the main form in graphite pencil, then inking details, values and textures with a .005 Pigma Micron pen.  After inking, the colors are added with soft pastel pencils, which is heavily stumped into the surface of the paper and then erased to re-expose the ink drawing beneath.  So, in effect, I drew this image three times to achieve the desired results. Pond Hawks are very common dragonflies here in central Texas.  I see them just about everywhere I go to collect locally.  They are one of many species of dragonflies that are sexually dimorphic, meaning the males and females do not look alike.  The male Pond Hawk is a pale powdery blue-gray, as opposed to the green and black patterned female shown here.  Females are very cryptic when they land and hide among the weeds to rest.  This is a limited edition print, numbered and signed, The male, which is titled "Erythemis simplicicolis", is still available as an original or limited edition print.

Pond Hawk, Female - Limited Edition Print


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